I'm Martina

I'm a bilingual writer, avid reader and devoted plant lady from Vienna, who traded the big city for a softer life in the south of Sweden.

You could say I have been on a journey for over a decade that started with blogging in 2011 as a hobby (yes, that's pre-avocado toast!) until I found my way into content writing and editing for other creatives and businesses alike. I am a storyteller by nature and have a knack for interior design projects as well as adding plants to my home while under the influence of excellent coffee - must be that Gemini sun coming out to play.

Fast forward to the present, I turned my passion into my freelance profession, crafting words that shine and resonate emotionally with my clients. If you are ready to reimagine your brand, I currently offer my bilingual services in both German and English, tailored to resonate with a diverse, inclusive audience. Find out how we can work together here.

When I am not working or happily busy elbow-deep in soil, I channel my thoughts and musings into Memory Full, my newsletter. A place where I share on a deeper level and dig into stories about a life well lived so far or the proverbial life's cup runneth over and so does my pen... 

If you're an OG reader, you can still find the Blog here

I curated over a decade worth of blog posts, you can find the highlights now on the MM Blog here.

Browse the  wander category for your next trip including the highly coveted BrunchQueens posts discovering worthy brunch spots, my fun Behind The Print interview series, and then there's always time for books, right?!

Plus essays, helpful insights and more - thanks to my never-ending curiosity and my deeply rooted love for sharing.

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I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be.

Joan Didion

This  or  That

Coffee  or  Tea

Summer  or  Autumn

Sneakers  or  Heels

Book  or  Party

Playlists  or  Podcasts

Running or Walking

Night in  or  Night Out

Plants  or  Flowers

Cookies  or  Pickles

Amsterdam or London

Fun Facts

INFJ turned ENFJ personality type - just like Oprah + Obama

Multilingual while (Austrian) German is my first language

One of the OG Bloggers from 2011

Lived in Brooklyn as an Aupair in my Early 20s

Had a sweet blind date with a now well-known rockstar 👀

Backpacked through India for a month with only two outfits

Get to Know Me · Get to Know Me ·
Get to Know Me · Get to Know Me ·

the Quiz

1. In my free time, you'll find me:

a.  baking cookies
b.  decorating my home
c.  reading a new book
d.  taking a yoga class

2. Most likely on repeat:

a.  folklore
b.  golden hour
c.  on and on
d.  rumours

3. My favorite way to spend the day off:

breakfast date, farmers market,

city walk, bookstore browse, more coffee

4. Favorite reality show to binge:

a.  indian matchmaking
b.  somebody feed phil
c.  queer eye
d.  love is blind

5. My go-to coffee order:

(iced) lavender latte

6. My All-time favorite memory:

a.  living in new york city
b.  finding the slow live in Sweden
c.  summers in Salzburg with my grandma
d.  all of the above

7. My Big Three:




8. I'd spend my whole paycheck on:

a.  skincare
b.  plants
c.  home decor
d.  travel

on repeat


Cowboy Carter | Beyoncé



Dying of politeness

by Geena Davis



Resident alien

Martina Menzini