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Before we get into the details of how we can work together, let's tap into some ground rules I set up for my business and my mental health - and ultimately also yours! 



Better Together

Here I am, making a living writing, editing + consulting, and you, in need of those skills, hire me. What is pretty straightforward, gets embellished with marketing language or extra offers no one asked for.

Not a fan of shady tactics. I do not intent to milk you dry with promises you do not need and I cannot keep. If this is exactly the approach you were looking for in the sea of offers out there, get in touch + let's work together!


Call Me Maybe

Talking or writing? What is your preferred form of communication? We can get to know each other via call where you can tell me about your assignment idea or we email/chat and you provide all the information I need in writing.

What works best for you? I prefer calls in the morning and conversations in writing in the afternoon depending on the time zone we're both in. There are exceptions to the rule, of course. Let's find out what works best for us!


Good Vibrations

Has someone ever told you they needed something by next week, only to check in the next day - anxiety overload, right?! If you need help urgently, just let me know!

Booked about two months in advance, I set aside a few hours for time-sensitive projects. I communicate clearly about the needed time frame, so we both know what to expect. This has served me and my clients well so far!


Dog Days Are Over

It might be a common joke online that no one is paying creatives until months after an invoice was due, however my business + work ethic are not set up on empty promises and I expect my clients to align with me on that matter.

Let's change the narrative and get comfortable with the uncomfortable and collaborate on a payment strategy together, so no one is surprised and boundaries are respected, thus bills are paid. Yay, us!

All the Writing

Content writing / copywriting / commentary texts / storytelling

If you need an experienced writer to make your content exude pure emotion, fun and simply shine, I currently offer writing and content writing services primarily in the food, travel, wellness and hospitality sectors as well as lifestyle commentary in general.

I worked with small niche brands and global businesses alike and always make sure to tailor the package to my client's specific needs and innate voice, step-by-step down to the included revisions. I get it done.

Available in English/German
Packages start at Euro 250,00


All the Editing

Finding your message / proofreading / tonal accents

Being organized is my jam. Some even say it's an integral part of my personality, I just can't help it. I like to be specific and efficient especially when it comes to words and grammar, thus I enjoy editing more than most people. Usually clients tell me it's the part they dread the most. 

I am here to help with all your editing needs for articles, website copy, proposals, drafts, ebooks, and pretty much anything in written form.

Available in English/German
Packages start at Euro 550,00


All the Consulting

Creative consulting for (new) entrepreneurs, brand consulting for (small) businesses worldwide

If you're ready to start or give your business a glow-up - a new brand identity, a new website, a new logo, modernize your current brand - but don't know where to start and frankly don't want to deal with all the details of it, I am here to help you make that happen.

Helping entrepreneurs to carve out their very own message for their business + brand, besides all the outside noise, is one of my specialties. I consult in all things online business, social media, brand identity, and connect you to graphic designers, developers, and other green witches and fairies if needed, to help make your vision come to life. 

To give you my undivided attention and focus on your project, I never book more than one consulting client per month.

Available in English/German
Packages start at Euro 2500,00



Working with Martina has been a game-changer.

Martina crafts captivating copy effortlessly, hitting the mark every. single. time. What I love most is how we communicate – it's like she's reading my mind and translating it into words that just pop! If you're looking for someone who not only delivers top-notch work but also makes the entire experience a total breeze, Martina is your girl!

Carissa , Designer

Martina managed to put my voice on paper. 

She truly captures one's essence and asks the right questions before starting the editing process which makes you actually understand yourself better as a person and as a brand. Anyone who is looking for a highly skilled copywriter/editor with great attention to detail: work with Martina!

Stephanie, Brand Strategist

Our business has flourished under her guidance.

From concept to execution, Martina brought an unparalleled level of insight and creativity to our brand. Her distinctive touch + strategic thinking is truly exceptional. Our business has flourished under her guidance, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the results.

Paula, Hospitality Manager

Martina is a true visionary.

Her impact on our skincare business is immeasurable. She not only understood our brand ethos but elevated it to new heights. Martina's creative solutions brought a fresh, inviting atmosphere to our space, captivating our clientele and setting us apart in the industry.

Jen, Head of Marketing + Innovation

Martina is more than a copywriter; she's a creative genius.

Her impact on our budding beauty brand was immediate and lasting. From helping shape our brand voice to crafting compelling narratives, Martina's work added a touch of magic to our identity. We're beyond satisfied, and the ongoing collaboration is a testament to her talent and dedication.

Benjamin, Marketing Manager

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