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April Note ft. Michelle Chai from Daisybutter | The Menzini Files

April Note | Brain Candy and Quick Dinners ft. Michelle Chai from Daisybutter

April 30, 2023

April Note ft. Michelle Chai from Daisybutter | The Menzini Files

The April Note is gonna be a quick one since that is exactly what I’ll remember most about this month – how quickly it came and went. I was mostly busy re-organizing and cleaning my home. I donated books and clothes and whatnot. I like a clean slate before my birthday month arrives!

Still, today’s Monthly Note has some goodies in store for you. We talk about the album I have on repeat (it’s not Taylor Swift!), a skincare ritual that’s cheap, quick and effective – a true triple threat, a versatile dinner option that’s easy, healthy and tasty, brain candy books and a third triple threat in human form also known as Michelle Chai – blogger on Daisybutter, a candle maker at the UK based shop & Chai and book club host at Daisybutter Book Café. Whew!

Let’s dig in…


I recently listened to a podcast where the host declared that after heavy novels or non-fiction books, she needs a book that’s like brain candy, and that term stuck with me ever since. What a delightful way to describe Nora Goes Off Script by Anabel Monaghan! It’s not the typical romance novel but has some twists and turns you don’t see coming, the writing is funny and insightful and when it ends you want to start it again, I promise!


Lately, I am craving bold flavors when it comes to my meals. I never shied away from trying exotic dishes or a new spice mix I didn’t use before but usually that also extends the cooking time which I can’t be bothered with these days. Crispy Black Bean Tacos with Cilantro Lime Sauce are just up my alley. They taste decadent and creamy and the lime gives it just the right zing plus they are quick to prep too and easily adjustable to other flavors (I came up with a mint mango lime sauce and it was divine).


I have always been a fan of dry brushing but recently kind of re-discovered it as an almost daily ritual. It’s great to get your lymphatic flow in motion, it massages your tissue, gets rid of dead skin cells, and can help make your skin more plump and rosy. I like to use a handy brush with a colorful strap for an easy grip or a softer version like this sisal brush that comes with a divine mandarine sandalwood body oil (psst, the set is also a great gift!)


Who is still obsessed with Flowers? Only me? It’s such a gem of a song. Endless Summer Vacation doesn’t disappoint either – it gives dance vibes with River, brings the drama with Wonderwoman, and gives us all the modern pop songs to sing along to with Jaded, Rose Colored Lenses, and Flowers. Listen here.


One of my long-time Instagram follows is Michelle Chai’s account also known as winyeemichelle. Some might know her from her blog Daisybutter or have purchased a candle or two at her shop & Chai, or you might know her from her online book club also known as Daisybutter Book Café which also highlights Asian literature. A true triple threat in human form, so very relatable and honest in her online presence – that is what I love about her content the most. If you like candles, books, travel photos and every day lifestyle content go check her out!

WHAT’S A Highlight IN YOUR April NOTE?

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  1. Michelle says:

    I used to dry brush daily but then stopped because I would spend too much time brushing my skin, I really need to start again. I love Michelle! She’s one of my favorite bloggers who I look up to! ♥

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