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4 Brain Candy Books I read on my Kindle Lately | Martina Menzini

3 Brain Candy Books I Read and Loved

September 3, 2023

4 Brain Candy Books I read on my Kindle Lately | Martina Menzini

Have you heard of the term brain candy books? I stumbled upon it on Instagram and it’s a way to describe books you read for the pure joy of reading. The plot doesn’t have to be deep or meaningful, you don’t have to learn anything from it, it’s reading for the sake of reading and allowing yourself to take a pause from all the should read books.

Lately, it’s one of my pockets of joy, to find the latest popular brain candy books on my Kindle and devour them accordingly. It’s just divine!

4 Brain Candy Books I read on my Kindle Lately | Martina Menzini

Nora Goes Off Script by Annabel Monaghan

This book made me laugh out loud more than once and I know already I will read it again. Such a witty story, flawed but lovable characters and smart writing that just draws you in.

It’s popular for a good reason and if you’re not sure which one to go with from this post, I am telling you this brain candy book will not disappoint. It got it all! More info here.

Confessions of a Forty-Something F*ck Up by Alexandra Potter

First things first, turning forty wasn’t as easy for me as I would like to make it seem. I couldn’t wait to turn thirty and leave my twenties behind (that’s a story for another time), but something about that 3 changing to a 4 in the front of my age just felt very foreign to me. Naturally, I felt drawn to books from women who went there before me, especially those who didn’t magically turn forty and had all their ducks in a row.

If that is something you could be interested in and/or if you watched the show Not Dead Yet, featuring the marvelous Gina Rodriguez, which is based on this book, this one clearly is for you! More info here.

Same Time Next Summer by Annabel Monaghan

I mean, I had to read this one after loving Nora Goes Off Script so much, I couldn’t believe my luck that another novel was published just in time by the same author. As you might already sense, I did not love this story as much as the one surrounding Nora. The writing was gorgeous, but the plot didn’t really capture me, like her previous story did.

I am not a fan of being able to tell what’s going to happen and it takes the character way too long in my opinion to get with the program. You know what I mean? It’s still a certified brain candy book, especially for those who are into childhood crushes. More here.

What have you read lately that you loved?

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Martina Menzini
Martina Menzini