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4 Cites In Europe I Want to See Next | The Menzini Files

4 Cities In Europe I Want to See Next

February 23, 2023

4 Cites In Europe I Want to See Next | The Menzini Files

Time to dust off that luggage and make travel plans! Which cities in Europe am I going to see next? I have not been traveling outside of the country since 2019. Anyone else? This year it’s time to wake up that sleepy travel bug and plan some actual trips. When I reminisce on past travel posts about traveling alone or cities in Europe I wanted to see, a lot has changed.

I have actually been to Amsterdam twice, to Prague once and though I didn’t make it to Stockholm when I wanted to, turns out Sweden has a lot more to offer apart from its capital…

The Cities in Europe I will travel to next


Speaking of Sweden, I am going to see a lot of Malmö in the near future and will split my time between Malmö and Vienna as much as possible, presumably for the next year or two. My boyfriend started a new job there and it’s actually just a quick flight that separates us. Malmö is located in the very south of Sweden, the third largest city after Stockholm and Gothenburg but still quaint enough not to feel like a big city if that makes sense. My trip is booked for next month and I am beyond excited!


And since the most efficient travel route leads to Copenhagen first, I am going to see the Danish capital by default. One of the up-and-coming European cities as of late – the world’s best restaurant Noma is located there and there’s also a Fashion Week now – Copenhagen and Malmö are only separated by a roughly 30-minute train ride via the Öresund bridge (which sadly you can’t cross walking or biking). I am already planning on a few trips to Copenhagen from Malmö for the day.


Portugal – especially Lisbon and Porto – will be finally crossed off my list this year. I plan on taking a special birthday trip since I didn’t get to celebrate the big four zero last year, or if I decide on the city below instead for said trip, Portugal will have to wait until fall. I have a feeling it won’t be my only visit anyway. Portugal was my grandma’s favorite country to travel to and I cannot believe I never made it there so far. I can’t wait to experience Pastéis de Nata and see the famous yellow trams in action.


I wasn’t aware of how picturesque Scotland really is, especially when it comes to Edinburgh. I am not a big fan of London and therefore falsely assumed the bigger cities in Great Britain are all alike. Judging by video footage online, Edinburgh has such a moody vibe and lots of bookstores and coffee shops, so now I have to go! Also, my favorite animals are cows, especially Highland Cows, and I would love to get to experience them up close. So if you know of a farm close to Edinburgh, hook a sister up!

Those are the four cities in Europe I plan to see very soon. I can’t wait to come back to this post and see how that turned out!

4 Cites In Europe I Want to See Next | The Menzini Files

Which City in Europe would you like to see next?

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Martina Menzini
Martina Menzini