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Making Waves | The Menzini Files

Making Waves | A TMF Mixtape

March 12, 2023

Making Waves | The Menzini Files

It’s time for taking some risks, for new adventures, for being bold. Don’t you think? Making Waves shoots straight. It’s a mixtape of 10 open, loud, heart-piercing songs that take you along for the ride and keep you bold while you’re at it!

The music you might want with you on your way to the airport or train station, suitcase on hand; the one you need the volume to be just right to dance to mid-purge of your belongings; the one you want to have on in the background while mapping out your next career move, giving you the validation you didn’t know you needed.

Making Waves is your wingman, your hype girl when you need it most. One step at a time…

Listen here

MAKING WAVES | Off Days | A Soft Year

(Image by Giorgio Trovato)

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Martina Menzini
Martina Menzini