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Monday Madness - Countdown to Christmas | The Menzini Files

Monday Madness | Countdown to Christmas

December 12, 2022

Monday Madness - Countdown to Christmas | The Menzini Files

Another Slow Monday today and with this Monday Madness, we’re actually starting the countdown to Christmas. It’s going to be the last one until January. Why is the time running by so fast? I feel like a broken record but the recent years flew by so quickly, it feels like I was barely able to catch my breath. Only me?

December on TMF will be quieter than usual: a special book post will be posted later this week and my Monthly Note will come your way on the 31st, but other than that I will take most of the month off to recharge and rest and be more in the moment during my time off (but I will say hi on Instagram from time to time). But for now…

Monday Madness – Countdown to Christmas

• I ADORE the 39 Reasons To Love New York in 2022 cover, mostly because of Paul Rudd and people confusing Cate Blanchett for Taylor Swift

• Holistic Coach Josie Santi’s 7-Step Wellness Routine For Your Holiday Season to put yourself first!

• Even though the rumors about a sequel to The Holiday are (sadly) not true, Nancy Meyers also stands for timeless interior goals. Her style is just the best!

Your Forties Are Your Sexiest, Most Powerful Decade: “In an ideal world, every woman would have the 47-year-old Winslet on speed dial, for a handy empowering pep talk or just a good dose of common sense every now and again.”

• Loving this simple Roasted Tomato Soup Recipe this season – warming soul food for the win!

• For the unforeseeable future, at least until the end of the year, you’ll find me wearing this, reading this, and enjoying this! ‘Nuff said.

+ From the Archives

• All of The TMF Holiday Gift Guides for every giftee and every budget!

• You still got time: The 9+ Best Paper Planners for 2023!

• Quiz time! Which Foreign Language Would You Like To Learn?

What Are Your Well-Dones This Year? Time to be our own PR person. Spill!

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