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Holiday Gift Guide 2022 | The Menzini Files

The 2022 TMF Holiday Gift Guide For The Cozy Minimalist Coffee-Loving Bookish Gamer

November 24, 2022

2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Her The Menzini Files

Happy Turkey Day to everyone celebrating! Here on TMF, it’s time for the second Holiday Gift Guide this season with gifts for him! To be honest, I find it so hard to shop for guys, and always have. For this one, I had my own boyfriend in mind since he is not an easy person to shop for and also celebrates his birthday in December, a double whammy if you ask me. These unique finds would surely be a great surprise for him, spruce up his (home) office, and increase the cozy factor in his life which is all he wants anyways. I might have gotten him one or two but psst!

Last week, we talked about gifts for her. Today, I want to focus on the quiet heroes in our life who love a good cup of coffee and a captivating novel or a new computer game journey on a slow Sunday morning.

Does someone come to mind you still might need gift inspiration for?

The 2022 TMF Holiday Gift Guide For Him

ONEThe Library is a vegan scented soy candle worthy of a fellow book nerd to enjoy. With notes of plum, freesia, patchouli, sandalwood, and hints of honey, it’s the perfect companion for a rainy day at home.

TWO • I love the feeling (and smell) of a book and actually flipping its pages, but I also have a Kindle since it’s sometimes just more convenient to use. My boyfriend has been eyeing mine lately, so I think it’s time to get him his own.

THREE • I love pajamas that also work as loungewear for a cozy Sunday at home and these Organic Cotton Pajamas would do just that. The subtle pattern is called Blue Udaipur and the fabric, Khato, is known as cotton cashmere. That translates into winter cozy if you ask me.

FOUR • Airplants are eye-catchers and make for great gifts for those not blessed with a green thumb. If you pair one with this Star Wars Death Star Airplant Holder you’ll have a unique gift on your hands that looks great in his (home) office for many seasons to come (if he waters it from time to time).

FIVE • In case you want to find gifts for several Star Wars and gaming fans, these Star Wars Retro Travel Posters actually look like modern art and add a hint of color as well. These high-quality prints come in a set of four and are available in various different sizes. They are such a good find!

SIX • My man doesn’t have a beard but there’s always someone to gift that could need a nice Organic Beard Grooming Kit. It seems to be one of those gifts guys don’t get for themselves, right?! This seven-piece kit by Monster & Son comes in its own magnetic latch box and only uses superb ingredients and materials like the boar bristle brush and jade sandalwood comb. Who would you treat with it?

SEVEN • A Leather Card Holder Wallet actually was my anniversary gift for him this year. It’s compact and small but still holds 5-7 cards, which are ready to use when he needs them, no fidgeting needed. The wallet comes in ten colors and holds banknotes as well.

EIGHT • Some people guzzle down their coffee, while others take their time until it’s actually gotten cold. A Smart Cup or cup warmer keeps his coffee warm and toasty with a battery life of 1.5 hours and works with any hot beverage. No more cold morning coffee!

There you have it! This is my Holiday Gift Guide For Him this year. I made sure to include small businesses on Etsy from all over the world to support and introduce them to you. Have fun browsing and let me know if any of these gifts made it into your cart for your special someone to gift to!

And if you need help and gift inspiration, head on over to my Instagram stories and let me know, I am happy to help out!

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no extra cost to you. I only share what I genuinely love. Thank you for supporting TMF!

(Cover photo by Olesia Buyar)

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