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5 Ways To Channel Your Inner Daisy Jones | The Menzini Files

5 Ways To Channel Your Inner Daisy Jones

March 27, 2023

5 Ways To Channel Your Inner Daisy Jones | The Menzini Files

Have you ever read a book and for no particular reason felt very close and connected to one of the characters? I had this feeling when I read Daisy Jones & The Six last year and even more so when I watched the namesake show that recently launched (more musings on that here). I mean, Riley Keough embodies everything and anything Daisy Jones.

There is something very tragic and sad about her, and of course, her addiction is heartbreaking. Still, underneath it all is a very talented and strong-willed young woman who lives life to the beat of her own drum and that part really spoke to me as someone who kind of always went against the grain of what should be done.

While watching the most recent episodes I thought about what would be needed to channel your very own inner Daisy Jones, and despite her obvious fierceness and musical talent, there might be a few more tangible things for us mere mortals, like her famous red leather journal, the way she dresses, the hair (!!) and the jewelry Daisy wears…

I scoured the internet within this moody, earthy color theme and feel quite certain you will like these gems I found mainly on Etsy (just hover over the titles):

Flower Necklace | The Rose Brunette | Daisy Jones & The Six

1970s Bell Sleeve Wrap Top | Red Leather Journal

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Martina Menzini
Martina Menzini