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March Note ft. Carissa Allen from Heartenmade | The Menzini Files

March Note | Swedish Pastry and the 1970s ft. Carissa Allen from Heartenmade

March 26, 2023

March Note ft. Carissa Allen from Heartenmade | The Menzini Files

Now that we’re finally getting some spring vibes, I am ready to soak up all the sunshine I can get before I am heading back to Vienna, but first, The March Note.

I am so excited about today’s Monthly Note for several reasons. First, March felt like a quickly passing month but for me was also packed to the punch and crowned by my trip to Sweden. Second, I finally get to feature one of my favorite humans, my friend, design wizard, and sister from another mister, Carissa Allen from Heartenmade!

Let’s get started…

Favorite Music/Book/Show

I don’t know how you can talk about March and not talk about Daisy Jones & The Six?! Such a massively successful book turned into a show and an album to go along with it. I loved all of them and can’t get the songs out of my head. Researching more about the 1970s was a bit heartbreaking – the book and show don’t sugarcoat that – but the creative awakening, the music and fashion at that time are just genius.

If you haven’t read the book yet, go read it, watch the show on Prime, and stream the album here. Let Me Down Easy has my heart and I also had fun doing this little quiz to find out which character I am most alike (I am Graham, which makes sense since I crush on Suki Waterhouse’s Karen too). Did you take it? Any album favorites yet?

Favorite Recipe

I did not hold back while in Sweden. The restaurant scene here in Malmö is thriving and we had the best food (more coming soon!). The pastry is exceptional, and especially Swedish Cinnamon Buns locally known as kanelbullar have my heart. The not-so-well-known siblings are Swedish Cardamom Buns and his recipe seems really close to what we almost have daily here. They seem so simple but are majorly underrated in my opinion. Have you tried them yet?

Favorite Beauty Product

My skin has been the best here in Sweden compared to the winter in Vienna. I don’t know if it’s the fresh air, the rain, and therefore moist air quality but that glow is real. The only product I like to use once a week, no matter where I am and what season it is are Annemarie Börlind Eyemask Patches. I like the golden ones or the regular hyaluronic acid ones. Keep them in the fridge for that extra cooling kick!

Favorite Creator

We recently tried to do the math and settled on somewhere around summer/early fall 2018. That’s when Carissa and I met. What started as a collaboration on my new website design back then, quickly launched into friendship and ongoing collaboration on my design (plus we are soon going to move this baby over to Showit!!)

What immediately drew me to Heartenmade wasn’t only Carissa’s eye for detail, but also the fact she just gets that feminine design can go beyond cutesy and pink. Her work is timeless, which her devoted customers can vouch for, and her templates are easily adjustable – if you can decide on one. If I had to on a whim, I’d go for the springy vibes of Honeydew right now. Which is your favorite?

And because Carissa also has impeccable taste when it comes to her personal style, I asked her for her daily go-to’s as well. She won’t go a day without the Tolerance Control Soothing Skin Recovery Cream from Avène, her favorite lipstick is Glossier’s Generation G in Jam – a rich deep berry color that’s buildable, and the best eyeshadow pencil Carissa has ever used because it doesn’t crease (important if you have oily skin!) is Magnetic Eye Color in Bright Eyes by Nudestix.

And there you have it, March summed up!

What’s in Your March Note?

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