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5 Day Beautitox by Ms. Soho | The Menzini Files

My Experience With The 5 Day Beautitox by Ms. Soho

February 15, 2016

5 Day Beautitox by Ms. Soho | The Menzini Files

Let me start by saying that this is in no way sponsored or a collaboration. My Instagram feed made me do it, so I did and bought the 5 Day Beautitox by Ms. Soho. Five days, five masks. That easy. Have you heard of it?

The Beautitox by Ms. Soho is a five-day treatment that’s supposed to detoxify and nourish your skin by cleansing it through five sheet masks of different components one day at a time. I am always up for new skincare products and a challenge that comes with them, so I couldn’t wait to finally receive the envelope and get started.

I obviously took one for the team here and decided to take you along for the ride and wrote down my thoughts every day, diary-style. Cool?


Calms and soothes skin fades any redness and blemishes, and begins to activate and regenerate cells.  Beautitox by Ms. Soho, here we go. Let’s do this, I think to myself as I am unwrapping the first delicate sheet mask. I expect it to smell of something but it doesn’t really, which I don’t mind. The mask feels soft, like thin cotton, and very nice on the skin. I am working on some emails as the mask gets to work its magic and those 30 minutes just fly by. My skin does feel plumped up and moisturized though I am still sporting some redness. But well, it’s only the first day. So far, so good.


Powerfully nourishes skin to reduce fine lines, restore firmness and promote anti-aging.  Young white wine is what I instantly think of while putting this one on my face. It has a slightly tangy smell which makes sense, given the fact it’s essentially a grape mask. The smell fades and the thin sheet feels exactly as nice as the aloe vera one. Afterward, the skin looks more glowy and deeply moisturized. Dang, I could get used to that!

5 Day Beautitox by Ms. Soho | The Menzini Files


Extracts grime and dirt from the skin to thoroughly detox your pores, whilst balancing oils.  Finally! I have been waiting to get to use this gem since starting the Beautitox by Ms. Soho. I don’t know what it is but anything pore-cleaning and refining is totally up my alley. I am happy to report my expectations were totally met.

The tart smell – that had me check its silver slip twice since it reminded me so much of fig and I thought I grabbed the wrong one – turned out to be blackberry and smells amazing. I actually leave it on longer than the suggested 30 minutes. It comes off almost dry and my pores look spring-cleaned and much tighter than before. Also the red splotches from before I started finally disappeared. I am hooked.


Softens the harshness of skin in order to help brighten and shine in complexion.  I love fig candles and scents that contain a natural whiff of figs, so I expected a lot from this one. Oddly enough, it didn’t come close to the blackberry mask from yesterday. Since starting the Beautitox, my skin feels moisturized and all in all more balanced, but with this one, I don’t see an immediate effect afterward. Still, I start to enjoy my nightly ritual of sheet masks and feel a bit sad that there was only one day left.


Replenishes moisture into the skin to hydrate and refresh, whilst supplying and reserving collagen.  My fifth and last day would have been Saturday but since I was out and about and fell asleep on the couch later in the day, I just skipped it and made up for it yesterday. I actually enjoyed that one a lot. The fresh smell reminded me of cucumber and was able to work its magic for over an hour. Dreamy.

Needless to say, I totally enjoyed the Beautitox by Ms. Soho and would do it again. Those 30 minutes (and more) of me-time every night were perfect to relax and care for my out-of-balance skin. And now, excuse me while I am browsing Instagram for my next beauty find…

  1. Nina Beana says:

    This sounds amazing!!! I love these random beauty finds! :)

    • Martina Menzini says:

      They really are! I always love to experiment with new products and adding new finds to my routine :)

  2. Jana says:

    Klingt großartig, weil du dir damit jeden Tag einfach mal 30 Minuten nur für dich selbst nimmst. Ich befürchte nur, dass meine Haut bei fünf Tagen hintereinander mit Masken ausflippen würde.

    • Martina Menzini says:

      Hi Jana! Ja das dachte ich auch, aber ich denke die Masken sind von den Wirkstoffen her so konzipiert, dass die Haut das 5 Tage lang toleriert. Meine Haut ist sehr empfindlich und dreht leicht mal durch bei “Überpflege”, aber ich hatte keinerlei negative Reaktion auf den Beautitox!

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