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Brunch at The Guesthouse Vienna | The Menzini Files

Saturday Brunch At The Guesthouse Vienna

February 4, 2017

Brunch at The Guesthouse Vienna | The Menzini Files
Brunch at The Guesthouse Vienna | The Menzini Files

Better late than never and just in time for the weekend, let’s talk brunch again, shall we?! Stevie and I took one for the team again, just for research purposes of course. This time the inofficial BrunchQueens take you to the heart of the first district, just around the corner of the Vienna Opera House and opposite the Albertina, to The Guesthouse Vienna.

We’ve been here many times before (actually last month when I accidentally deleted all the photos in a late-night clean-up frenzy) and have always enjoyed the warm atmosphere, that somehow is just right and never feels overcrowded. Stevie is crazy for their Earl Grey Tea and I, of course, am all about the coffee. When it comes to food, we usually both go for either Eggs Florentine or Eggs Benedict and double the egg if we’re really hungry or on the cusp of getting hangry. You know how it is!

Brunch at The Guesthouse Vienna | The Menzini Files
Brunch at The Guesthouse Vienna | The Menzini Files

I always make my own oat-free granola since oats make me feel sick, but The Guesthouse Vienna is the only place in the city, where I can enjoy homemade granola that’s delicious and won’t make me feel sick. It’s not overly sweet and crunchy and the fruit is fresh and in season. My sister loves their signature Peanut Chocolate Brownie even before the eggs are served. She’s right though, it really is scrumptious!

We love the location and like to combine the brunch date with a visit to Albertina, and the fact that breakfast is served all day (from 6.30 AM to 6 PM in fact)! Stevie once picked me up from work early and we went in for our typical brunch around 3 PM during the week, no biggie. Anything’s possible at The Guesthouse Vienna it seems and we can’t wait to go back again and again. Who knows, maybe one day I will treat myself to a staycation at their boutique hotel…

The Guesthouse Breakfast menu

The menu offers standard breakfast packages as well as their signature Eggs Benedict in different variations and vegan options as well as sweet dishes like French Toast. We usually have the Eggs Florentine, Eggs Benedict, their homemade granola, and signature Peanut-Chocolate Brownie.

Brunch at The Guesthouse Vienna | The Menzini Files

Have you had brunch at The GuestHouse Vienna yet?


It’s been a while and we were excited to go back for our traditional New Year’s brunch. I am happy to report that the food is still amazing, the menu still diverse and the staff as friendly and professional as you would hope for (usually not an easy find in Vienna!). We will be back!

(Images courtesy of The Guesthouse Vienna, Eggs Benedict taken by me)

  1. Hmmm yummy, would love to do a brunch soon!

  2. Ina Apple says:

    Ich setze das gleich auf die To-Do-Liste, wenn ich meine Schwester das nächste Mal besuche! Liebe Grüße, Ina

  3. Nia says:

    Ich muss unbedingt ganz bald nach Wien – das klingt so fantastisch!

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Martina Menzini
Martina Menzini