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6+ Cozy May Baby Gift Ideas | The Menzini Files

6+ Cozy May Baby Gift Ideas

May 18, 2023

6+ Cozy May Baby Gift Ideas | The Menzini Files

With my birthday only a week away, and my trip tomorrow, this is the right time to tell you about my kind-of birthday wishlist. May Baby Gift Ideas if you will. You know, the ones that are more like an online spree than a literal wish. I know a thing or two about gift-giving and that my fellow May Babies and I are very much alike when it comes to the cozy stuff we like!

I apologize in advance to those who clicked on this post to find baby registry ideas for their mom friends due in May, this is not that kind of content, but since you are already here, why don’t you stay a bit?!

May Baby Gift Ideas

ONE • I love a good skin oil. For the longest time, I believed with combination/oily skin you should stay from oils, but the opposite is actually true. My skin – face and body – improved so much since I included oils in my skincare regimen. I have read and heard so much about the all-natural botanical body oil that is A.OK and had it on my list for a while now. The blend of botanical and essential oils with notes of citrus, bergamot, and jasmine intrigues me. I love the approach of connecting body and mind through using oil on your skin, it’s such a powerful tool!

TWO • My birthday falls on peony season here in Austria. And since my favorites are only available during a short window throughout the year, I like to go all in for those few weeks. Gifting peonies – in my case, the blush pink ones, thank you very much – is always a good idea!

Fun fact: I once heard that the scent of peonies cannot be pressed like the oil of red roses for example, but can only be interpreted. I love the idea of the best noses in the business huddled over bouquets of peonies to interpret that divine smell. Don’t you?

THREE • There are a few things that make me as happy as having great food in good company paired with inspiring conversations. Especially when it comes to brunch in spring and summer when you can sit outside and people-watch while you take your time. I am not the Brunch Queen for nothing! To clarify, the traditional brunch is known to be booze-filled, I take it more literally like a late breakfast or early lunch where I take my time and share several dishes with my date. It’s my idea of heaven.

FOUR • There’s something about the idea of mixing candles with herbs and crystals that is really intriguing to me. These Herbal Intention Candles look stunning and totally piqued my interest. I find Happiness and Abundance equally intriguing scent-wise and love that every purchase supports a small business that sources the best ingredients and hand-pours every single one of these soy wax candles. Such a good cause! ICYMI, here are more cozy candle favorites of mine.

FIVE • I didn’t know Leather Earrings could look so fun and minimal and elegant at the same time until I saw them on Joanna Gaines. I don’t know why, but they seem to instantly elevate any simple outfit. The natural colors should flatter every skin tone and just put a smile on the face of that special May Baby in your life you want to gift it to!

SIX • Last but not least, I am not kidding when I tell you that I have vivid dreams of spending this summer on my balcony in a 2XL oversized version of this pink Cruel Summer t-shirt. I don’t know if it’s the summery hue, my excitement for some sunshine, or my serious manifestation to see Taylor Swift live at the European leg of her tour – probably all of that at once – but this shirt needs to be mine soon…

What would you add to these may baby gift ideas?

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