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Monday Madness - Birthday Vibes | The Menzini Files

Monday Madness | Birthday Vibes

May 22, 2023

Monday Madness - Birthday Vibes | The Menzini Files

After three days in Malmö, I already feel so much more grounded, like someone took the foot off the speed pedal. I don’t know really how else to describe it. My sister said I have a different glow when I am here according to my rare selfies. Maybe that’s what reuniting with your person does to you, maybe it’s finally being on vacation and getting some space from a toxic work place, but mostly I think it’s my upcoming birthday. I just love my birthdays!

This Monday Madness is all about birthday vibes, a documentary I can’t wait to watch, and some articles you don’t want to miss! So grab your coffee (mine is iced because the heat’s been real!) and read away…

MONDAY MADNESS – Birthday Vibes

I’ve Had Over 30 Threesomes, Lemme Tell You My Secrets – such an important read whatever your sex life looks like

Jason Isbell’s documentary looks like it’s about music but is really about so much more… can’t wait to watch it!

• If you’re itching to visit Edinburgh just as much as I do: A Day Trip To Edinburgh!

Watch Melissa McCarthy’s transformation into Ursula in 1 Minute. So wholesome!

• Queer Eye has my heart and I love almost every home transformation Bobby Berk and his team realize. Take a look at their new HQ (though I bet it was hot in that shirt, ha!)

• Picturing myself in this Cruel Summer oversized tee on my balcony basking in the sun, because why not?!

• ICYMI I was featured in the latest issue of Freelancer Magazine – take a look!


6+ Cozy May Baby Gift Ideas (including the above-mentioned dream tee!)

• How to Revamp your Coffee Game at Home! Have the best home brew and save money – win-win!

• Therapy Talk: Are you the Flower or the Gardener? Most popular post to date.

• Looking for your next read? Find all of the TMF book posts so far right here

Have a vibrant week!

Disclosure: If you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no extra cost to you. I only share what I genuinely love. Thank you for supporting TMF!

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Martina Menzini