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My 6 Favorites in October | The Menzini Files

October Note | Pasta Alla Norma and Midnight Rain ft. Karina Marriott from The Style Idealist

October 30, 2022

My 6 Favorites in October | The Menzini Files

With this month ending in just one more day, it’s time to talk about my favorites in October. The Monthly Note is a new blog category, where I will show you favorite products, books, movies/shows, recipes, music, and a fellow content creator I like and want to introduce to you too in case you’re looking for awesome people to follow. Just a good mix of current favorites you might enjoy as well. Sounds good?

Favorite Music

We can’t talk about October favorites without talking about Midnights. Is really anyone surprised at this point? I read a tweet the other day that Taylor messed up all our Spotify Wrapped statistics by dropping an album in late October. I doubt mine would look that different since she’s been my most listened-to artist for the last three years. I was so ready for a new album and as much as I love folklore and her re-releases, I love where she’s headed here.

My favorite song of Midnights changes daily but I think, looking at the 3 AM edition, my favorites are Question, Maroon, You’re On Your Own, Kid, and Midnight Rain, but ask me again tomorrow. ICYMI you can find my Etsy gift guide for fellow Taylor Swift fans here!

Favorite Book/Show

If you are looking for a wholesome show Somebody Feed Phil on Netflix is an all-time favorite in this house! I am a forever foodie and can’t wait to travel again next year, and this show just combines the best of both worlds with a kind, genuine and funny host. Season 6 was just released and I watched all seasons many times already. My favorite episodes would be Buenos Aires, Hawaii, Dublin, Lisbon, Portland, and Bangkok. Phil also released a book with the highlights of the first four seasons, recipes, insights, photos, even with the conversations he shared with his fan-favorite late parents Helen and Max.

Favorite Product

My friends know I am religious about my skincare routine and one vital part of is using hand cream! You’d find me several times a day using hand cream and if it contains essential oils, even better. For fall and winter, I like Aesop’s Resurrection Hand cream best. That smell alone! Imagine a rich but non-sticky texture that gives you a whiff of mandarine rinds and atlas cedar… Sounds amazing, right?

Favorite Recipe

I’m on a pasta kick lately. We made lots of creamy spaghetti sauces, lasagna, and traditional bolognese, just to name a few. At the farmer’s market, I found these amazing eggplants and knew I wanted to include them in a pasta dish right away. Thanks to Pinterest, I found Pasta Alla Norma by RecipeTinEats and cooked it twice already! It’s full of flavor and so easy to make – exactly how I like my weekday dinners. For the last eggplant, I am thinking about trying a variation with lasagna. Thoughts?

Favorite Look

If you are not following The Style Idealist – also known as Karina Marriott – already, run don’t walk! Besides being such a cool and genuine person (something that seems to be hard to find on social media these days), I consider this UK fashion maven a true inspiration when it comes to effortless and timeless midsize looks. Everything looks good on her, seriously, but this colorful combo had me drooling.

What are your favorites in October?

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Martina Menzini
Martina Menzini