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4 Ways To Prioritize Self-care Right Now | The Menzini Files

4 Ways To Prioritize Self-Care Right Now

February 2, 2023

4 Ways To Prioritize Self-care Right Now | The Menzini Files

Starting the new year sick is no fun, but coming to terms with it and letting go is a good start and also a good way to prioritize self-care. I am not one for resolutions or big goals on January 1st, but I do believe in having a theme, a word, to shape the new year into what you want to prioritize.

Last year, my word was further and I dug deeper in ways I didn’t think possible. This year, a few different ones buzzed around in my mind: within, pursue, nourish, and slow and I summarized them by setting my theme for 2023 as let this be a soft year!

To me, it sets the very tone for a year full of self-care instead of self-soothing, and today I want to share four ways in doing just that.

How To Prioritize Self-Care Right Now

Say NO More Often

I know it’s been said a lot, but for good reason. Saying NO to things that drain you instead of recharging you is probably going to have the most positive impact on your life. Reconsider obligations and have-to’s others put on you for their own benefit and find ways in showing up for yourself instead. What NO would be a huge relief for you right now?

But Also Say YES More Often

A very confusing notion I know! But when you say NO to more things that drain you it literally gives you time to say YES to things that recharge you and bring you happiness. It is that simple and it all comes down to building a life you’re looking forward to living instead of one you need to constantly self-soothe or take a break from. If it’s only an extra hour for reading, it’s worth it in my opinion. What YES did you not find time for recently?

Write it Down with Pen and Paper

I love technology and helpful apps that simplify my life but nothing impacted my mental health maintenance more than bringing pen to paper. I just picked a notebook and write down what I am grateful for or look forward to, a tone for the day and then review it at night and add what I learned that day and what my highlight was. It is so simple and doesn’t take much time. Writing by hand is an instant mood changer and can reset your mind if needed.

move like you did as a child

For years I did not understand that physical movement and exercise were more than just willing your body into a smaller size. While weight management can be a benefit, you should sweat daily for your heart, your mind, and your overall health. I had to unlearn almost everything I was ever told about exercise and find ways to enjoy movement. I realized that often goes along with how I enjoyed moving as a child.

I love hiking or just walking around, stretching, and I recently picked up somatic bodywork and beginner’s pilates to get rid of body aches and stored trauma. It’s been such an uplifting experience to just move for the sake of moving! If you enjoyed cycling, swimming, or horseback riding as a child, maybe it’s time to give it a try again just for the sake of it…

These little tweaks already make a big difference in my life when it comes to self-care and having a softer year. I observed that I am much kinder to myself, that my anxiety decreased immensely, and that taking my time has value. And that is coming from someone who always rushed through things – running a quick errand, jumping quickly into the shower, hopping on a call for a minute… it’s one thing after another!

Does this sound familiar? Maybe a few tweaks are just what you need when it comes to your personal self-care rituals.

How do you prioritize self-care right now?

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Martina Menzini
Martina Menzini