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4 Ways To Flirt with Charcoal Beauty Products | The Menzini Files

4 Ways to Flirt with Charcoal Beauty Products Right Now

September 23, 2015

4 Ways To Flirt with Charcoal Beauty Products | The Menzini Files

You might have heard it too: charcoal beauty products are a thing now! Say what? So far, the only encounter I remember was when I was 8 years old. I came down with the worst case of tummy flu. I spare you the details, but it took a couple of days until I finally felt better. That happened thanks to a couple of quite ordinary charcoal pills. Fast forward to today and now charcoal beauty products are a thing.

Everyone’s raving about the benefits of charcoal as a daily supplement and you can even find it in organic skincare, and lately, even in juice. Is charcoal the new kale? What’s the most promising way to include this black powder into our daily routines? Is it worth the hype or just another trend? Let’s have a look…

Charcoal For your Teeth

Charcoal Tooth Powder is a black powder to whiten teeth and amp up your enamel strength seems odd, right? How can something pitch black give us a brighter smile and fight off bacteria all at once? Witchcraft, that’s why! I am kidding and to be honest, thus far I didn’t try it myself but I have seen the results in my coworker’s smile and now it’s on my list for my very next drugstore run. Toothcare products might not be an obvious contestant for charcoal beauty products but what is more charming than a nice smile and impeccable oral hygiene? Exactly!

Charcoal For your face

Origins’ Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask – read: for those days! It gets rid of all the impurities and redness but doesn’t strip my skin of moisture at all. My face feels clean and fresh and supple and glowy even without makeup. From now on, this mask is a clear fave of all the tested charcoal beauty products in this house. I am hooked!

Charcoal for Your Body

Confession ahead, I never did a juice detox but I am flirting with the idea of a few days detoxing with juice and soup and the new charcoal liquids (including gray nut milk!) seem to be right up my alley. Would you try them?

Summed up, I think charcoal beauty products can be a nice addition to your beauty routine. It remains to be seen if they are here to stay, but it can’t hurt to try and test your way through a few favorites if you like.

Now they only have to find a way to come up with a nice-looking hybrid called char-kale and we’re good. Don’t forget, you read it here first!

Have you tried these? What are your favorite charcoal beauty products?

(Image via Lia Griffith)

  1. Nina says:

    Well, of course I’m riding that charcoal train!!
    The Boscia black line is absolutely fantastic! I may have to head to Sephora before I hop the pond next week for a few more goodies! :) The sponge should last a while! I haven’t used that particular sponge but others like it and they’ve lasted a few months.
    I’ve had Charcoal Lemonade and it’s quite good! Really no taste difference at all.
    Charcoal toothpaste?! Gotta get me some!!!

    • Martina Menzini says:

      I am happy you´re with me on that train :) It´s really EVERYWHERE right now! I am eager to try the lemonade and milk soon. Eeks

  2. Sara says:

    Yep, I NEED that pore minimizing mask!! Nex time I go to Sephora I’m getting a bunch of those! I had no idea charcoal toothpaste existed or that it could whiten teeth!

    • Martina Menzini says:

      Charcoal-based skincare is a total game-changer! I can´t recommend it enough! Nina just got me a little Boscia kit to try their products – I think that must be a nice starter kit for you too!

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