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The Best Masks For Glowy Skin | The Menzini Files

The 6 Best Face Masks For Glowy Skin

November 3, 2022

The Best Face Masks For Glowy Skin | The Menzini Files

Before I wanted to become I writer, I considered becoming a facialist (and a marine biologist and lawyer, since we’re honest). To this day skincare in general – and having my daily morning and evening skincare routines – is a passion of mine. Look at the best face masks for glowy skin as a pretty extensive guide on how to make the seasonal transition period not so rough on your skin.

Besides fall being my favorite season, I am always so excited to revamp my skincare regimen and take great care of my skin. For me, that includes a good face mask or two and by that, I mean facial masks that hydrate, clean up, or work their overnight magic for glowy morning skin!

While a facial mask won’t change your skin overnight, it is a nice treat and also works wonders for mental health in my opinion. Nothing a nice aromatherapy benefit can’t help with at least a little…

For skin in dire need of hydration

Glowy skin means hydrated skin, especially when it comes to transitioning from hot and humid summer days to the cold fall season and dry air from heating, your skin can use all the help it can get. My all-time favorite mask is Kiehl’s Calendula Petal Infused Calming Mask. Besides the lovely smell, it plumps and hydrates almost instantly. I love using it during summer and keep it in the fridge (!) for that extra zing. Honorable mention: an oldie but goodie I can’t get my hands on over here is Fresh’s Rose Mask. It’s divine!

For Skin in serious need of pore-cleaning

Sometimes your skin can feel clogged up or dull, depending on where you are at in your menstrual cycle or if you’re under a lot of stress, it happens. Pink clay is my friend in that case and Original Skin Retexturizing Mask is a fan favorite for good reason. It sweeps your pores clean without being harsh and your skin doesn’t feel overly dry after. If you prefer skincare products including charcoal, go get Origins’ Clear Improvement. This one never let me down so far and I have been using it for years.

When fall means pumpkin everything to you, the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask by Peter Thomas Roth will be right up your alley. It’s deeply exfoliating and polishes the skin with an extra dose of alpha hydroxy acid. If you happen to have skin on the more sensitive side, don’t leave it on for too long – I gave it five minutes and gently wash it off.

For Skin that prefers an all-in-one mask

For those with no extra time for extensive skincare rituals, an overnight mask or all-in-one face mask comes in handy. Summer Fridays’ Jet Lag Mask is a serious powerhouse with vitamins and niacinamide for that extra kick of hydration. The one I currently swear by ever since I got my hands on a sample is the Sand & Sky Super Bounce Mask. I have since repurchased the original size and use it almost weekly. I don’t know what Australian Emu Apple is specifically – a quick search led to kind-of-cranberry fruit – but it leaves my skin visibly plumper and with a healthy glow and no residue. It’s a new staple in my mask routine for sure.

And there you have it, the six best face masks for glowy skin this season. A note worth making is that nothing can fake a good morning and night skincare routine when it comes to visible long-term effects – we talk about that another time, I promise – but for now, have fun with these face masks and let me know what you think.

Which face masks would you add to the list?

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Martina Menzini
Martina Menzini