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Off Days - TMF Mixtape | The Menzini Files

Off Days | A TMF Mixtape

November 6, 2022

Off Days - TMF Mixtape | The Menzini Files

Not one planet is in retrograde right now according to my trusted astrology apps, but something felt off the last few days. No? Only me? Well, it’s time for an off days mixtape anyways. I promise I won’t will you into cheering up, I don’t believe in that. Off Days is a collection of 15 mellow, sometimes whimsical songs. That kind of mixtape you might want to listen to while out on an early Sunday stroll, or one to have on in the background when lighting a candle and cuddling up with a new book and a steamy mug of tea. It’s perfect to hum to while you are cooking your favorite pasta dish or baking some sweet treats.

Whatever it takes to get you through, you know?!

Off Days is holding space for you when you might need it, walking next to you when errands seem dreary, but also smiling at you from the opposite corner of the coffee shop, when you don’t need to listen to it that day…

Listen here

OFF Days | Nostalgic NIGHTS | ME TIME

(Image by Laura Vinck)

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Martina Menzini
Martina Menzini